Vehicle Wrap FAQ's

Vehicle Wrap FAQ

What’s your warranty on the wraps?

We offer 1 year warranty on all vertical surfaces. The warranty covers peeling of the wrap on specified areas for all vehicle wrap installations except boat graphics under sea surface line. Includes replacement for defective material in certain occasions. Please bring your vehicle as soon as you find a defect so we can resolve immediately before affecting the area any farther.

What is the life expectancy of the wraps?

Vehicle wraps are meant to have a durable life expectancy of at least 3 years. Durability is also affected by care. We have installed wraps on vehicles that have been kept in garages after working hours and looked great after 5 years. We recommend to re-wrap the vehicle between the 4th and 5th year of the wrapping. This will prevent vinyl to adhere to the surfaces too much. If not replaced in a timely manner, It could harden and could cause further damage to the paint and take more labor hours for removal.

What is not covered on your warranty?

Warranty won’t cover misuse, sun damage, wear and tear, damage caused by car washing, accidents, road damage or any other failure not caused by our installation.

How long do you take to do a wrap?

Each vehicle has its own challenges. Deep recessed areas, bulky bumpers and special graphic effects are in consideration for the installation labor. Also, we offer different kinds of material such digital printed vinyl, die cut vinyl, reflective vinyl, etc. Typically, when you set up your installation appointment we keep the car for at least 2 days on full wraps and 1 day for half wraps.Once your install is completed, it’s suggested to let vehicles stay an extra day for vinyl curation, ensuring enough time for the wrap to be secured. Also, if we need more time, our printing/installing professional will discuss this with you in advance.

How much is a wrap?

Since we customize every wrap, we can’t give a set blanket price. The best way to know exactly how much is your wrap, is to bring it to our location and let our printing professional do an overview of the car condition, complexity of installation and graphic design needed. If you need a ballpark estimate of a wrap for your vehicle, send us an email with the picture of your actual car and specifications on what you want. We will happily get back to you with an estimate.